Things to do in Fornalutx and Mallorca

Our favorite restaurants

Can Antuna, Fornalutx

Restaurant Randemar, Puerto Soller

Sa Premsa, Palma


A ”must-see” in Fornalutx

La Cemiterio (the cemetery)

La Iglesia (the church)

Lavadora (the village’s ancient laundry room)


Mallorca’s most beautiful sunset

Club Nautilus, Puerto Soller

More info from Trip Advisor about Restaurant Nautilus


Tips on Mallorca beaches

Puerto Soller

Puerto Soller is quite large so there is room for everyone. In the far northeastern part lies the only boats so there should go if you want to have dinner or lunch or just go for a ”promenade” and watch the boats. South of these boats start to the beach but there, in front of the discotheque Altamar, it is pretty touristy. Below the hotel Esplendido, it’s very quiet, but instead of sand, it is a pebble beach with soft polished pebbles. If you want to go to this beach, you should drive and park according to the first map.

So, where does the locals swim?

Puerto Soller Playa den Repic. See lower map for directions.
Very family friendly, fewer tourists. Showers on the beach. Easy to park.
Several restaurants on the beach.

There is a bus from Fornalutx to Puerto Soller and back a couple of times a day. The bus station is only 100 meters from Can Fave and station in Puerto Soller is located in the northeast corner, where the harbor ends and the beach begins. Read more about this bus: TIB Bus 212 Fornalutx – Puerto Soller with Soller.


Cala Deia

There are two restaurants (quite expensive) but with magical views. Nice pebble beach. Visibility in the water varies depending on how the wind blows. There is a large parking lot. Very busy on weekends.


Cala Tuent

A beautiful and smooth pebble beach. There is a large parking lot and free parking.
There is a great restaurant above the beach, Es Vergeret.


Es Trenc

Mallorca’s longest and most beautiful sandy beach. Located on the southeastern coast of Majorca. There is a good restaurant and a large parking lot (expensive!). Try to avoid weekends.



Castell Alaró

The world’s coolest views across Mallorca – Castell Alaró, in the middle of Mallorca. Look on the map for Alaro then look for the Castell. The road there is poor but once you are there it is super! Park at the restaurant Es Verger and then walk about 30 minutes to the top. Do not forget to have a glass of vino tinto on top so it’s quicker to walk down.

Eating is best done at the restaurant Es Verger where you, according to the Mallorcans, eat the island’s best lamb! There are other things to eat, too, but it’s a shame to miss the roasted lamb. Almost all the ingredients are locally produced and the meat comes from the farm. The food is served at rustic long tables both indoors and outdoors.

A must! Take a different road when you go back to Fornalutx. Drive through the beautiful village of Orient towards Bunyola. The beautiful valley of Orient is known for its beautiful apple orchards.


The tram between Soller and Puerto Soller

From Soller is a tram to Port Soller. The route is 5 km long and takes half an hour. It was Mallorca’s first electric tram line and was inaugurated on 4th October of 1913. A very nice way to see Soller and Puerto Soller. Children usually love this tram! About 6 € for a return ticket.


The train from Sóller to Palma

This is a very nice, smooth and romantic way to get to Palma. The problem is that it’s so expensive !!! About 25 € for a return ticket?!?!

But if you like trains, and which children do not do that, so this is a fantastikt fun experience. Since 1912, the train rolled the beautiful stretch on a track that is only 92 cm wide! It takes a little time but it’s worth it. It was built in 1912 and was electrified in 1929. Considering that the track’s longest tunnel is 3 km long, it takes 7 minutes to traverse, one can understand the need for electric power. In total there are 13 tunnels! The railway is often called the orange train as it has shipped in millions of oranges from Soller to Palma on the train.

For time table and more information please visit


Adventure at sea – tour by Barcos Azules

Adventure at sea – tour by Barcos Azules. Discover the beautiful coast of Puerto Soller! It is magically beautiful! Caves, small bays, lagoons etc. Guaranteed worth a trip. Fun even for kids! Take the opportunity to stay a few hours in Sa Calobra or the calmer stone beach of Cala Tuent to swim in the turquoise waters!


Santuari de Lluc Klostret

Was built in 1260 and is Majorca’s major Christian pilgrimage. They attract believers to see the black Madonna, La Morenete. Beautiful Buildings, a museum and incredibly scenic location means that there are more reasons than purely religious to come here. The monastery is situated in a remote valley between Pollenca and Soller and this is the Ruta de Pedra a Sec past.



Palma shopping in the center around Bar Bosch

Park the car at Parking Plaza Mayor, see map below. Walk down the street to Bar Bosch, then you are in the center of ”Palma-Shopping”.

Porto Pi

A large department store with Zara, H&M, Mango, Carrefour etc. 140 stores in one building. Very easy to park the car in the garage and it is for free a couple of hours. Read more here Porto Pi.

Festival Park Outlet

Mallorca’s largest outlet! A fairly new shopping mall located in the countryside in the middle of no thing. Pretty desolate. The days might be numbered for this place but you can make real bargains. Read more on this website: Festival Park Outlet



Son Termens Golf Course

Beautiful and well-maintained 18-hole course about 30 minutes from Fornalutx.
Read more on or
Tel: +34 971 61 78 62



There are 2 tennis rackets + some tennis balls to borrow and there are several courses nearby.

In Fornalutx there is a ”hard court” tennis court. Only 5 minutes walking distance from Can Fave. You can not book a course, just go there and take a chance.

Soller Tennis Club offers five fine gravel paths. A few minutes drive from Fornalutx.

Tenis Soller Club
Tel: +34 971 633 388



La Serra de Tramuntana in the north east Mallorca is approximately 90 kilometers long and at its widest point 15 kilometers. Several peaks over 1000 meters and the highest being Puig Major is 1443 meters high. The mountain range is since 2011 classified as World Heritage by UNESCO because of its preserved cultural environment. Currently there are 167 kilometers completed and signposted trail, and work is underway to finalize further distances. For each stage indicated on the signs estimated time to complete. Good to keep in mind is that the time indicated on the signs seem to be designed for hikers who keeps a rather fast pace. If you want to take it easy and pause a few times one can expect that it will take slightly longer.

You can start walking at different places, for example in Soller, Pollensa or Alaró. It’s fine to just take a day trip, either you go back and forth a distance, or go back to the starting point by taxi, car or bus. The trails are clearly signposted.

Barranc de Biniaraix

Going from the lake Cuber to Biniaraix via L’Ofre.

The hike is part of the large trail Ruta de Pedra a Sec going over the mountains La Serra de Tramuntana. Here, in the ravine Barranc de Biniaraix is one of the most well-preserved paved hiking routes in Mallorca.

For several kilometers of the hike you walk on big steps – beyond the terraces, happily gurgling springs and the small arched bridges.

Suggestion: Go from the top down! Take a taxi up to the Cuber lake or if you have two cars, take one car up to Cuber and pick it up later with the other car. It takes about 20 minutes to drive from from Fornalutx.


Torrent de Pareis, for those who are looking for adventure

This hike is not part of the Ruta de Pedra an SEC, this is a separate days hike just north of Port de Sóller. Torrent de Pareis is a ravine that during much of the year is filled with water, and this is undeniably a little tougher hiking with elements of rock climbing. It is easiest to start in Sa Calobra and finish in Esorca. That way you will discover sooner if the water level in the river is too high. You can go to Sa Calobra by boat from Port de Sóller or by car.